Fighting Food Insecurity

Tackling Minnesota's hunger crisis during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives food insecurity in Minnesota and around the world, MBOLD is supporting solutions and partnerships to fight food insecurity here at home.

Why it matters

COVID-19 is catalyzing a surge in unemployment and economic disruption not seen since the Great Depression. That new reality is making it much more difficult for many families to put food on their tables. In fact, one in eight Minnesotans are currently food insecure, including one in five children. The “meal gap” is expected to grow by as much as 70% in Minnesota in 2021.

MBOLD is raising awareness about the current crisis and spurring deeper public-private collaboration to tackle hunger.

MBOLD CEO Champion – Audrey Lucas, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

What MBOLD is doing

The food security crisis requires a data-driven, all-hands-on-deck approach. That’s why MBOLD is supporting Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, state leaders and nonprofits to develop and partner on a comprehensive action plan to meet this challenge.

We’re using predictive analytics to get ahead of food insecurity at the local level, spotlighting funding needs, and scaling up innovative partnerships and technology to increase the capacity of food relief networks.

In July 2020, leaders from Second Harvest Heartland, Schwan's Co. and McKinsey & Co. spoke with GREATER MSP about the food insecurity challenges that lie ahead. Watch more here.

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