Driving Innovation in Protein Sustainability

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"Bold Growth" aims to accelerate the success of high growth potential companies that can contribute to Minnesota's ecosystem for Food & Ag innovation.
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Protein is an essential part of the human diet but protein production has a significant impact on the environment.  Improving the sustainability of existing proteins and scaling up new options is key to our climate future and to meeting the dietary needs of a growing population within planetary boundaries.

Why it matters

The world will need 60% more protein by 2050. Yet without innovation, protein alone could account for 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.  Protein is also a major user of limited land and water resources.  

Making proteins more sustainable and scaling up new options that have a lower carbon, water and land footprint is critical for our collective future.

MBOLD Executive Champion – Innovation: Heather Tansey, VP of Environmental Sustainability, Cargill

What MBOLD is doing

Minnesota has long been a global leader in producing proteins like dairy, poultry, swine and the grains used to feed them. We also have a growing sector of businesses, researchers and other innovators that are cutting new trail with plant and alternative proteins. Now MBOLD is working with an array of partners to make Minnesota a leading hub of innovation to make proteins more environmentally sustainable. As we embark on this new initiative, we will:

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