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Protein is an essential part of the human diet but protein production has a significant impact on the environment.  Improving the sustainability of existing proteins and scaling up new options is key to our climate future and to meeting the dietary needs of a growing population within planetary boundaries.

Why it matters

The world will need 60% more protein by 2050. Yet without innovation, protein alone could account for 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.  Protein is also a major user of limited land and water resources.  

Making proteins more sustainable and scaling up new options that have a lower carbon, water and land footprint is critical for our collective future.

MBOLD Executive Champion – Innovation: Heather Tansey, VP of Environmental Sustainability, Cargill

What MBOLD is doing

Minnesota has long been a global leader in producing proteins like dairy, poultry, swine and the grains used to feed them. We also have a growing sector of businesses, researchers and other innovators that are cutting new trail with plant and alternative proteins. Now MBOLD is working with an array of partners to make Minnesota a leading hub of innovation to make proteins more environmentally sustainable. As we embark on this new initiative, we will:

mbold to co-host bridge2food north america summit

MBOLD is partnering with Netherlands-based Bridge2Food to bring its preeminent international event, Bridge2FoodNorth America, to Minneapolis in October 2024. Bridge2Food North America will focus on trends in plant and alternative protein markets, consumer perceptions, and innovation in product development, health and nutrition. As conference co-hosts, we look forward to welcoming plant and alternative proteinleaders and innovators from around the world.  

Learn more about Bridge2Food North America. 

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